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Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering InTouch to help you meet your child's learning need in both science and math. My name is Dr. Ayo Olufade. I am the founder of InTouch Math and Science Tutoring and Educational Services. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Iowa State University and a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. And I have doctorate degree in curriculum and teaching from Northcentral University.

I have worked as a biologist in academic, private, and government scientific institutions for approximately 21 years before transitioning to teaching in both secondary and collegial level. As an educator, I have played a significant leadership role wearing many hats including serving as a Science Teacher, a Team Leader and Supervisor, serving on the School Planning Management Team, liaising between staff and faculty on the Faculty Advisor Council, leading students as the Science Club and Science Bowl Coordinator, and serving as Chairman of the Parental Involvement Committee.  These experiences have helped me hone skills in Student and Teacher Assessments, Program Evaluation, Student Discipline, School Safety, Policy Development, among many other relevant skills.

As an approachable and versatile professional with a propensity for continuous improvement, I believe my combined professional experience in education and administration places me in a uniquely qualified position to achieve your child's educational goals and promote your child's educational development in both science and math.  My vision is to aid in the healthy cognitive and emotional development of your child's learning through promotion of standards of academic excellence. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ayo Olufade, Ph.D.

Think STEM Careers! You Have the Opportunity to Create the Future and The Privilege of Deciding What’s in It! ~ Dr. Ayo Olufade, PhD

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