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Maidan-E-Jung Movie Download In Hindi Mp4

Maidan-E-Jung Movie Download In Hindi Mp4

Maidan-E-Jung is a 1995 Indian Hindi-language action drama film directed by K.C. Bokadia. It features an ensemble cast of Dharmendra, Manoj Kumar, Jaya Prada, Mukesh Khanna, Akshay Kumar and Karisma Kapoor in the lead roles, with Amrish Puri and Gulshan Grover featuring as the villains. The film revolves around the conflict between a powerful and oppressive village head and a brave and righteous rebel who stands up against him. The film was released on 14 April 1995 and received mostly negative reviews from critics, but was an average grosser at the box office.

If you are looking for a way to download Maidan-E-Jung movie in Hindi mp4 format, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some options to watch or download the movie online legally and safely. We will also give you some information about the movie's plot, cast, songs, and trivia.


How to Watch or Download Maidan-E-Jung Movie Online

There are several platforms that offer Maidan-E-Jung movie online in Hindi mp4 format. Some of them are:

  • : ZEE5 is a popular streaming service that has a large collection of movies and shows in various languages. You can watch Maidan-E-Jung movie on ZEE5 with a subscription or a rental fee. The movie is available in HD quality and has English subtitles.

  • : YouTube is a free video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, watch, and share videos. You can find Maidan-E-Jung movie on YouTube uploaded by various channels. However, the quality and legality of these videos may vary. Some of them may be incomplete, low-quality, or pirated. Therefore, we advise you to be careful and use your discretion while watching or downloading Maidan-E-Jung movie from YouTube.

  • : MX Player is another popular streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and shows in different languages. You can watch Maidan-E-Jung movie on MX Player for free with ads. The movie is available in HD quality and has English subtitles.

These are some of the platforms that offer Maidan-E-Jung movie online in Hindi mp4 format. However, before you watch or download the movie from any of these sources, make sure you have a stable internet connection and enough storage space on your device. Also, be aware of the risks of malware, viruses, and legal issues that may arise from using unauthorized or illegal sources.

About Maidan-E-Jung Movie

Maidan-E-Jung is an action drama film that depicts the struggle between good and evil in a rural setting. The film's plot is as follows:

Daata Guru (Amrish Puri) is a wealthy, powerful, and influential head of a village. He owns and controls all the villagers and their properties. Anyone who dares to raise their voice against him is crushed by his employee, Shankar (Dharmendra), and his sons, Guman (Gulshan Grover) and Karan (Akshay Kumar). When Daata Guru learns that Shankar has abducted his widowed daughter-in-law, Lakshmi (Jaya Prada), and has married her, he is enraged and wants Shankar dead. Daata Guru also instigates Karan against Shankar, and threatens to cut off the villagers' water supply if they do not turn in Shankar to him. What will Shankar do to protect his new wife and himself from the wrath of Daata Guru and his men?

The film's cast includes some of the prominent actors of Bollywood, such as:





Akshay Kumar

Karan Singh

Karisma Kapoor


Jaya Prada


Amrish Puri

Daata Guru

Gulshan Grover

Guman Singh

Manoj Kumar

Master Dinanath

Mukesh Khanna

Police DCP Arun

Kader Khan


Shakti Kapoor


The film's music was composed by Bappi Lahiri and the lyrics were written by Anwar Sagar and Indeevar. The film had seven songs, some of which are:

  • "Teera Bole" sung by Gurdas Mann and Ila Arun

  • "Kya Baat Hai Too" sung by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik

  • "Kahi Pyaasi Raat" sung by Amit Kumar and Sapna Mukherjee

  • "Koi Haal Mast Koi Chaal" sung by Vinod Rathod and Mahendra Kapoor

  • "Shaam Dhal Rahi Teri Yaad" sung by Kumar Sanu and Sadhana Sargam

  • "Lo Phagun Ritu Aa Gayee" sung by Udit Narayan, Vinod Rathod, and Sadhana Sargam

  • "Tere Joban Ka Ghulam" sung by Udit Narayan and Kavita Krishnamurthy

The film also had some interesting trivia, such as:

  • Akshay Kumar collaborated with legendary actors Manoj Kumar and Dharmendra in this film.

  • The film was originally titled "Jung-E-Maidan".

  • The film was one of the last films of Manoj Kumar as an actor.

  • The film was shot in various locations in India, such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Mumbai.

  • The film's poster featured a tagline that read "The Battle of Good vs Evil".

We hope you enjoyed this article on Maidan-E-Jung movie download in Hindi mp4. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

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