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Why Mr. Adebayo Alomaja Has Hope for STEM Education in Nigeria

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

From episode: Shaping the Future of Education in Nigeria through Authentic Learning and Technology Integration

in your view, in terms of percentage, the project -based learning that you described initially, how many schools do you think are utilizing that system of learning? Is it a small percentage or is it a large percentage? Yeah. So I'll say that so far, zero to 100, I'll just say that right now we have what is between slightly between 30 to 40%, so we're still on the low side. And of course there's a room to increase it. Very good. You mentioned the project -based learning and the integration of technology engineering. It's really exciting to hear that some students are doing projects that involves robotics. And that is the part that excites. That is where I really want to make my mark because I'm into STEM. I'm a STEM etiquette, right? And although both you and I, we're both STEM educators, right? But we have different special, specialization, right? So, but I'm curious to know, what is the state of STEM education in Nigeria at this point? Yeah. So talking about STEM education in Nigeria, so there's an event coming up this month on the 22nd, STEM form first. Okay. I think it's right now, it's the largest, it's the largest STEM event in Nigeria. I cannot say about Africa, most likely in Africa, but in Nigeria, that's the largest STEM event that happens in Nigeria, right, it's happening right in Lagos. I was at the last time, I was at the first edition last year. Was it the first edition? I'm not sure about last year's edition. They have another one coming up this July 22nd, and it's going to involve a lot of STEM practitioners. Across Nigeria, some are coming from Africa to also come and exhibit and do a lot of things. We have thousands of... Wait a minute, how do I be part of, wait a minute. How come I didn't know about it? Yeah. So I'll share the link to the event right after now, so you can see, yeah, there's a website for the event. I love that. So yeah, so we have that, so think about that happening in Nigeria. So that tells you that, of course, there's a high level of integration. Yeah, interest, exactly. There's a high level of interest. I'm talking about adoption. There's a high level of that currently in Nigeria. I see a lot of STEM stuff happening in various places, right? It's about STEM, there's a whole and a whole and a whole lot of that happening right now in Nigeria. And of course, that gives me a level of hope.

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