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Why Frank Tran Chose a Major in Business Ethics & Corporate Responsibility

From episode: Exploring a Recent Graduate's Path: Self-Discovery, Ethics, and Cybersecurity Journey

So you majored in business ethics and corporate social responsibility. So why that major? What got you interested? I know you changed your major. And I also heard from you earlier saying you flourished in that major. You did pretty well. So how did you decide that's the major for you? How did you come to that conclusion? What makes you decide to major in business ethics and corporate social responsibility? It's a really interesting question. I think cyber security, the word answer itself, cyber security, and because we are living in the world of technology and cyber. So I think that we have to be safe and protect our information because right now almost everything is based on technology. So I think just to be safe and just to protect and keep safe and privacy. I think that's the reason why I choose to study cybersecurity and ethics. It's a really emotional and meaningful pathway and experience for me. Because I believe that we live in the world that it should be the world of honesty and truth. Because I think that what Buddhism taught me, teaches me about is about ego. It's about forgetting my ego, forgetting ego and start and learning to forgive. And that's what I learned and that's the purpose and my reason why I choose to study and read about ethics. Because I believe that in a world where which is so materialistic and we got to find ourselves, we need to find ourselves is to be honest and truthful to ourselves. Yes, I think that's my answer. And what do you think about that? You're absolutely correct. I think ethics teaches us to understand the world itself. Ethics, it's about why do we need ethics? I know because I watch a lot of movies that the mentality is no morals or inhumane. And I've met people who will see that that's a cool thing, but it's not cool. I think it's about having empathy and care and opening the gate for the heart. And because I believe, because I know my opinion is that I think because we are afraid to open our heart, then to us the world is scary. And because we live in the way that is really hard to trust and we just do our thing, we forget how happy we were or we had been.

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