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Who Paved the Way for STEM Educator Lucy (Wanjiku) Mwaniki?

From episode: Who Said Girl Can't Do STEM? Parents/Teachers Play Major Roles in Girls Pursuing Physics, Chemist, & Mathematics

paved the way for you? I mean, was there someone like a role model that you saw, you know, something that had an impact on you that causes you to sort of say, you know, I really want to pursue STEM and I want to do physics. I want to do mathematics, I mean, was there something, was there a moment, was there someone, right? So I guess, okay, yes. And sort of like 50 -50, I guess, when I was, how old was I? I think I was 11, I was in fifth grade in a school in the heart of Georgia, in Decatur, Georgia, chatted to, maybe she'll be watching, she'll call Miss Wheeler to teach us at Glenwood Elementary. And she was the most amazing teacher. The way she approached math and sciences with us, it was never applied. She always put in the effort, she always went the extra mile to ensure that we got what we were learning. We kind of retained all our knowledge, we had fun while we were learning. And it wasn't a zone, I don't remember actually doing tests, that I'd fail or anything. I just remember passing by, don't remember how I passed. I just knew I was getting better and better and I enjoyed math. And that kind of changed my aspect as to how I'd want the next generation to approach sciences and math. I'd like it to be more curiosity and interest as opposed to testing your knowledge on a specific subject to an extent that you also don't understand. So she pretty much had the biggest impact, but aside from that, I guess my dad has the biggest one yet. So he supports me in all my ventures, he paid for my university education, he does everything for me, he supports me even when it feels like I'm failing, I know he's got my back, so yes, he has to be my biggest. And also, I guess he taught me that sometimes when you find out your passion, it's important to chase your passion as opposed to chasing the money. So pursuing what you also love and what makes you feel whole is more important than anything in the

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