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Transforming STEAM Education with Hands-On Experiences, Engineering Resources, & Diversity in Focus

In this engaging and informative podcast, we hear from the founder of a dynamic STEAM education organization that provides resources for students and school districts in STEAM education. The founder shares his passion for STEAM education and the journey that led to the creation of his organization, STIIX. With a background in engineering, the founder's mission is to provide students with fun, hands-on STEAM experiences that ignite their curiosity and interest in technical fields.

STIIX is an acronym for "Solving Technicalities with Imagination, Innovation, and Excitement," It offers a unique curriculum designed to work hand in hand with schools and organizations to support their STEAM initiatives. The organization has evolved and pivoted over the years, focusing on after-school programs, and collaborating with school districts to provide accessible and impactful STEAM resources.

One of STIIX's primary goals is to bridge the gap between science and engineering practices in education. Alex recognizes science teachers' challenges in integrating engineering practices into their lessons. Because Alex understands the challenges teachers face, especially in incorporating engineering practices, the founder explained how STIIX supports them with valuable resources. To address this, STIIX offers many user-friendly resources, including instructional videos, lesson plans, and activity guides that make teaching STEAM projects easy and enjoyable, even for educators without a STEAM background. "We've got all kinds of resources like these instructional videos on our website that aren't protected by passwords or login for any means so they can access those," they shared. These resources alleviate the pressure on teachers and empower them to provide meaningful STEAM experiences to their students.

The podcast highlights some exciting projects STIIX offers, such as a hydraulic lift, wind turbine, and stoplight project. These hands-on activities allow students to engage in open-ended design challenges, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills. STIIX emphasizes aligning its projects with educational standards to ensure the learning experiences are impactful and relevant to the curriculum.

Furthermore, the podcast explores STIIX's commitment to diversity and equity in STEAM education and the use of technology. The organization works diligently to provide equal access to school systems and resources for students from diverse backgrounds. STIIX's dedication to innovation was evident as they described their augmented reality and virtual reality app. This app, accessible to all, is a testament to STIIX's commitment to providing cutting-edge and impactful resources. Their augmented reality app, featuring mentors from various STEAM fields, helps expose students to diverse career paths and instill a sense of representation in the STEAM workforce. According to STIIX, "We've been working on this cool augmented reality and career readiness app... it takes these things to the next level surrounding computer projects," they said.

Overall, this podcast sheds light on the power of hands-on, interactive STEAM education in inspiring the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. By providing fun and meaningful experiences for students and supporting educators, STIIX is promoting STEAM literacy and fostering a more inclusive and diverse STEAM community.

Authored by Dr. Ayo Olufade

Think STEM Careers! You Have the Opportunity to Create the Future and the Privilege of Deciding What’s In It! ~ Dr. Ayo Olufade, PhD

Excel in Learning. Excel in Life.

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