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The Key to Finding a Meaningful Career Path With Frank Tran

From episode: Exploring a Recent Graduate's Path: Self-Discovery, Ethics, and Cybersecurity Journey

Many students really need help choosing what major they want to major in college. Based on your own experience, what advice will you give to students seeking help in determining a meaningful career path? That's a really interesting question. To me, if right now they're in front of a younger generation, I would say boys or girls, go out, explore and experience, and to understand the world, to understand reality. And to be truthful and honest. And I think that's it, because I think that to experience life so that we could understand life. And to understand life, we will realize that security is really important. And we always need to have and develop security just for ourselves, just for our family. That's it. Because the world's dangerous. And we're gonna need to be able to protect the people and the families. Because for me, like, parents and my grandparents are getting older and getting weaker. I'm getting stronger. So when I see that, when I see my parents cry of me, I see that a lot of people disappointed me. And I don't want to, I just don't want to let my family disappointed again and just want to be able to make them proud and protect them. To protect and to find the security in life is to showing to people that I'm a person of pride and family values. And I'll be willing to lose myself for the security and for safety of all of the people that we love. And I think that if some young people could see that, it's really amazing. Because I think if we, because I think that security or cyber security is really important. And it's a lifestyle also. It's a lifestyle. It's a healthy, it's a fitness lifestyle. For me as well, I do training every day, play sports weekly. I watch sports. I'm playing FIFA. Exercising, always walking, always active. And that brings me health. That brings me security. That brings me knowledge. And that brings me ourselves.

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