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The Importance of Female Mentors in STEM

Intersectionality?! Many women face multiple forms of bias based on their gender, race, sex, ethnicity, caste, sexuality, religion, class, disability, country of origin, age, and weight. Here is a takeaway from reading chapter one of Lisa Munoz's "Women in Science Now" book and my conversation with Dr. Gladys Delancey-Bolding about Intersectionality and the importance of women mentors.

According to Munoz and Dr. Bolding, women could benefit not only from women as mentors but particularly from women mentors who look like them. Could recognizing, understanding, and, most importantly, empathizing with how many identities intersect help inform the choice of a mentor or mentees or diversity and inclusion? Could this help the organization create a more diverse and inclusive environment? Check out this short clip and part two of my conversation with Dr. Gladys Delancey-Bolding, Journey of a Late Bloomer: Innovative Approaches to Diversity & Mentorship in STEM Fields – PART TWO: And please share your thoughts.

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