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The Imperative for Inclusivity and Representation in Computer Science

From episode: Breaking Barriers, Embracing Diversity: The Imperative for Inclusivity in Computer Science

to encourage and increase more women, more young men of color in this field? What do we do? Where have we gone wrong? Any advice? You're a young person. So any advice on what we should be doing? What we could do to inspire and to get more representation in young women and young black men and Latinos, Hispanic people of color in this field? Um, I have a few responses to that. For example, um, the, the very few black people or the very few minorities that have had the chance like myself to be where we are. Um, what I tend to see even for me coming up, one of my episodes on my channel, I actually talked about this and expressed myself on it. We don't look back to help anybody. Unlike the other racists, they do help themselves. They do promote themselves. I have been at a job where essentially, if we're to check, I had the most qualified or say I had the most experience with another person of a different race. In two years, they became my supervisor and I was still where I started, but I was good. I was the one that I could say was pulling all the strings. When something happens, if Gideon is not here, what are we going to do? The person that I started with, I'm not going to say they didn't know anything. They did have some skills, but I had more qualifications, more certifications to show for and a lifetime experience, right? But this is me here. I got bumped up a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. Sometimes it was just a bump in finance. They'll give you a little bit more money, but it's not so much. But then the person is actually going up. They come from entry level, they go to mid -senior, they go to senior level. Before you know it, in 10 years, you're now the supervisor. Then that's because they promoted them to be your manager. What I'm saying is it's hard. What I think what's happening is because people that look like me, we struggle so hard to get where we get to. We have to try extra, extra hard to get there. When we get there, we don't feel like we have to be able to turn back and actually hold someone that looks like us hand and pull them up

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