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Targeting Evolving STEM Education Standards With Alex Reader, Founder of STIIX

From episode: Transforming STEM Education with Hands-On Experiences, Engineering Resources, and Diversity in Focus

EdTech technology landscape is constantly evolving. So how do you ensure that hands -on experience provided by Stakes aligns with educational standards and goals of school districts that you work with? And how do you keep Stakes at a forefront of innovation to ensure students receive the best possible learning experience? That's the question that the administration is going to be asking you. And I'm pretty sure you've experienced it already. Totally. Yeah. I never take anything away from any of the other companies in the EdTech world. There's so much cool stuff going on. And I always leave calls and meetings with people and conferences as well. I always say I'm so jealous of kids these days that when I was going through school, we had none of this cool stuff. And there's been so many cool strides taken and just the things these kids are exposed to. I'm jealous, frankly. Thank you. They're lucky. They're lucky ducks. And yeah, I was just talking about my favorite part of the job conferences, developing these fun projects. That's my least favorite, actually, is the standards. And although we totally align, we align to all kinds of national and state science and CTE and STEM standards. And I've actually grown to like it a little bit, but these projects do align. It's that open ended design or open ended design challenge nature of them do align to a lot of those problem solving skills. And when you get into the stoplight project, like I was showing you, it aligns with some of those electricity and magnetism related standards that you that you encounter when you start to get to the fifth grade middle school. We totally align to all the standards. It's important, right? If you want to be if you want to be working with schools and helping them and all their cool initiatives, you got to align to them. And as far as just the technology related part, it's funny you mentioned that right after I mentioned our app. So that's something we're working on and that's something that we're trying to be innovative through. And of course, I mentioned it's a free resource. So that's where we really have. We've got a cool platform online, right, where we share cool videos, well done videos. But it's augmented reality stuff and virtual reality. I've always thought that the best use case for it was education. So now we're swimming in that space a little bit. So we have got this app that we've developed where each of our projects is going to have a module. And within that module, three different career strains the kids are going to get to check out. And so one's kind of your engineering related career. So for your bridge project is the first one we've developed. That's your civil engineer. And then we have a technical related career strain in there as well. So that's a bridge welder. And then the third one, we try to bring in a business oriented career and we're doing like a management. And for each one of those, you're going to go through you're going to learn a couple of things, watch a couple of videos, hear about common personality traits and statistics. Frankly, what do these people make as on average? Because it's tough to know and there's no reason to hide that. And then they go in, they reflect on questions. They have they do a cool augmented reality activity in each just to spice it up. What a day in the life is. And it's just a cool tool. And that's something we're really proud of. That's where we're trying to be innovative and do some cool things in a free way as well.

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