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Shaping the Future of Education in Nigeria With Mr. Adebayo Alomaja

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

From episode: Shaping the Future of Education in Nigeria through Authentic Learning and Technology Integration

So describe educational system in Nigeria. How is it like, obviously you're trying to lead a transformation, but in order to learn about your transformation, your idea of the traffic transformation that is needed in our educational setting, it's also a good idea to have a background, some context, right? Please describe, please go ahead. Yeah. So if you think about what education looks like in Nigeria, which I think is pretty much where it looks like globally everywhere, most likely. So you have, will I say three categories? So for example, I'll try to be evidence -based. So there's this school, Pearl's Garden School in Ejigo in Lagos. One of the things that happened, I think the last time there about was that the students, they were doing something about health and so the students were going to go as far as coming up with a big project around that topic and so what they were going to do, it was about diabetes. And then so what they were going to do was to, they came up with flyers and then they went into the community. So it was an health awareness thing. They invited people to come around to the school environment. So on the day, on the main day, there were canopies here and they collaborated with some medical professionals. People were going to come to the school environment to come and take some tests and also get some medications and the whole lot of that, they just thought about how the topic or how the learning experience who graduates to the level of being in the service, that level of authenticity, right? And I was to get some more time to talk about things like that on this podcast. But then that's one, right? Another school, Glisten Akademie in Abuja, during the pandemic, the students came together to work on the robots and this robot was like a paramedical agent, right? Then many, these nurses couldn't move close to some of these patients that had COVID and a lot of that. So there was that gap. And so these kids came up with these robots and these robots were moving around, going to serve the patients with drugs and getting information, communicating with the patients through. So we have that up in Nigeria. I decided to say that because I discovered that there are so many greetings happening in Africa that are not pronounced, that are not being talked

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