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Revolutionizing STEM Education for Girls in Nigeria With Chinwe Nkiru

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

From episode: Advancing the BIPOC Female Representation in STEM By Promoting Gender Equality and Breaking Biases

I understand that you and your mother run a SheForCE theme project in schools in Nigeria. Can you tell us a little bit about it, please? Okay, thank you very much for that. The program is actually an initiative of my NGO, like you rightly said, Flourish Life International. So that is the mother umbrella. The SheForCE theme is an initiative of my NGO. We are also into women development, so this is the girl aspect of it. You know, we just commemorated International Women's Day. Can you hear me, please? I can hear you loud and clear. Yeah, so the theme of this year's International Women's Day is digit all. So, innovation, including innovation and technology as a tool towards promoting girls in their career, critical thinking and being the better self of them tomorrow. So, it was actually born of the passion of myself being a STEM or STEAM career person. I'm actually a medical lab scientist. I think that's the one you missed out. I'm a lab scientist. Apologies. Yeah, I'm a medical lab scientist and I'm in running a partnership program with Viral Hypotitis Association of Nigeria. I've also worked with the United States Department of Defense, HIV Reference Lab. So, I got to know a little bit of how the US and in general their education system works. In my little understanding, I will say I'm yet to explore more. So, this vision, she first team is actually to like their motor goals, inspire. So, the first aspect of it is actually to initiate this desire, this like oh wow kind of sentiment into this girl. So, that they see women like us, I'm a medical person, right? I'm also a STEM in STEM career. So, they see okay this is what the future holds for me if I go for a STEAM career. So, we inspire. So, the next is now is to include. That's the inclusion we are talking about in the inclusion diversity and the equity model being used in addressing this. So, we include them. How? Because we have created the first stage of inspiration. Because for me, for you to have brought me to this platform, I believe you inspired me on what you're doing so far in in touch. So, that's what inspired me to come to this program I attend, right? So, that's the same way we teach that output to these girls to inspire them. Okay, these are the STEM careers. This is what you'll be tomorrow. This is the future while we are trying to encourage you to be a STEM education or a STEM career person in the future. That's the second stage include. Then the last one is, which is not the least, is innovate. How do we mean by innovate? We try to make them have hands -on. Because once you finish talking, there's no particularity, no hands -on, you've not done much. So, the innovation aspect is actually the broadest aspect of the vision. Because it's going to be more interactive in the sense of there has to be like a STEM club, there's got to be like a STEM hub. I'm just trying to, I've already started explaining the project, if you can permit me. So, there's going to be the hub. So, in this hub set up in the schools, right now, we already have one, like I told you with my mom's school there in Ann Arbor State, Oka. We already have one and every break time they gather together. So, they have this, all this computer and STEM gadget, if I could say. So, the short term goal is actually what we've already started with. That's the inspiration. Inspiration that went to the schools and creating the platform awareness kind of sensitization. And right now, we've already collected names of schools that are mostly underserved communities


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