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Pepper Soup and Catfish: Denise Spiller on Her Nigerian Food Adventure

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

From episode: Exploring African Roots, Collaboration, Balance, & Power of Technology in Denise Spiller's Journey

thing that I do want to ask you, I have to ask you this. When you were in Nigeria, what was your favorite food? Oh, my goodness. How do you like the love rice? Steve, you don't really want to talk about education. You don't really want to talk about that because you're talking about what I love the most was the food in general. I really thought I ate so good. When I say good, complete, I ate completely. But everything is so fresh. The beauty of beauty, the positive side of not having electricity, 24 hours, seven days, like we do here, is that you prepare differently. So you may not buy too much. So I was at the marketplace every two days buying fresh food to cook. And after I was there for a week, which I spent almost two months, two months. Yeah, two months there. After about two weeks, I was cooking. I just wanted to cook because I love to cook here. So I started cooking and had to buy fresh peppers and onions. Surprisingly, I love pepper soup. I thought it was going to kill me, but I loved it. It's the name alone, right? Yeah. It will clean you too. Yeah. I don't even understand why Nigerians, I haven't been to a lot of other countries yet, but I imagine that a lot of African foods in other places is as refreshing and spicy kind of as Nigerian food, right? So COVID should be scared of Africans. Africans don't need to be scared of COVID because it can't live in your body. It can't live in your body. Oh man, you're taking the matter. You want to know my best, the best pepper soup? I love pepper soup with catfish. I'm telling you, that's of course you can put all kinds of assortment of meat. Oh, I have a picture. I have a picture of the catfish that they brought to our table because I was sitting in, we were sitting in Aja at the end of the island and they had, they were like, you guys want catfish? They're grilling it fresh, of course. So I thought I was going to get a plate. This is my first time getting catfish outside of the house because we had made catfish in that house. I thought I was going to get a plate with catfish and maybe some peppers. Like when that catfish came to the table and I was like, thank you Lord. I was so grateful.

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