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Mission of InTouch - Think STEAM Careers Podcast

Updated: Jan 1

This is what my podcast, Intouch - Think STEAM Careers, is advocating - the BIPOC community to be part of STEAM innovation.

Imagine a community with a strong economy and emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education, parental involvement, and STEM summer programs and school programs as a pipeline to STEM/STEAM Careers!

Join me in helping support the creation of innovative solutions for sustainable development that will contribute to a positive change in the BIPOC communities by helping our BIPOC community be part of STEAM innovation for improving the quality of life.

Please check out my discussion with men and women who are champions of and in the fields of STEAM education and careers to gain insight into how the BIPOC community can be part of STEAM innovation. InTouch - Think STEAM Careers - YouTube

Thank you.

Raise the roof!

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