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Mindfulness in Cybersecurity: Recent Grad Frank Tran Talks Staying Focused

From episode: Exploring a Recent Graduate's Path: Self-Discovery, Ethics, and Cybersecurity Journey

you started with commerce and marketing. And then you graduated from college specializing in business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Correct? You're correct. Excellent. Excellent. And also I know that you are very much interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. When I spoke with you previously, you were excited about and interested in ethics and cybersecurity. So since you're interested in ethics and you got your bachelor's degree in business ethics and corporate social responsibility. In your mind, can you share with us how can mindfulness practices help individual in cybersecurity industry stay focused and adapt to challenges and make ethical decision under pressure? Let me put it a different way. I like the idea that you're interactive. And I also like the idea of cybersecurity too. Of most recent years, what we have all noticed is there has been a major issues as it pertains to people stealing, people's identity, right? Even recently this week, there's a major corporation here in the United States that had a cyber bridge. Someone with your credential, with your background in ethics and mindfulness, corporate social responsibility will be good in cybersecurity. With that said, how can mindful practices help individual in the cybersecurity stay focused, not getting distracted, not adapting to fraudulent activities, right? I made ethical decision. So let me let you answer that question, if you don't mind. Sure, I think it's what I learned about Buddhism and practice Buddhism. And I think that the best way to inspire people is to inspire people from internality to externality. I think we do both serve for the protection of the world and also create a positive environment. And I think that if people already enjoy the life, enjoy the present, then I believe that they will find and create more joy in life with simple things. And I believe that's possible. It's just that we are not fully aware of ourselves and understanding ourselves.

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