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Is Caitlin Clark being treated differently than other WNBA rookies?

The question, "Is Caitlin Clark being treated differently than other WNBA rookies?" The answer is no. Almost every rookie player in the sports game has experienced the same experience Caitlin Clark is experiencing. The games of sports, whether Women's basketball, basketball, soccer (And I have played both basketball and soccer), football, baseball, swimming, and gymnastics, are very fierce and competitive.

Because these sports are fiercely contended, much emotion comes with it. This brings back memories for me. I remember when I was representing my high school, playing basketball and soccer at Grandview University in Des Moines, Iowa. Certain expletives come from my mouth, but I am not a cursing man. I was raised in a Christian household and am a practicing Christian. When I was golly or when I played defense in high school soccer or golly in my college soccer, I sometimes exhibited unchristian conduct to defend my goalpost and to win. Caitlin Clark faces this kind of pressure and emotion as a WNBA rookie.

So, in my view, the experience Caitlyn Clark is experiencing is not racist or abnormal. Emotion runs rampant during competition because the game is fierce, competitive, and is a contact sport.

Additionally, because Caitlyn Clark is such a great player and will define the WNBA in many years, she is bound to be tested and challenged because she will be the best in the WNBA.

I love the way Caitlyn Clark is handling the whole experience. Despite the challenges, she has thick skin. She is cool, collected, and humble with her emotions. Most of all, I love that she is surrounded by a level-headed support system that guides her.

In about a year or two, Caitlyn Clark will be accepted into the elite group of the WNBA. But I do not think she is going to be unchallenged. After all, she is one of those rare and unique players who come every decade to elevate a particular field of endeavor. In today's sport, the WNBA is the sport, not the NBA or football. Watch this space. It is Caitlyn Clark's time to shine and elevate the WNBA!

Authored by Dr. Ayo Olufade, Ph.D.

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