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How Important Is Coding and Programming in Today's Job Market?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

From episode: Dispelling Misconceptions About Computer Science & The Importance of Coding & STEAM Careers

So because you're a network engineer and I know when you were in college you did coding and you have a lot of programming knowledge. So how important is coding and programming knowledge in today's job market? What is the potential? How important is it in today's job market? And what advice do you have for young people who want to improve their coding skill? Please. Well, thank you, professor. So in the world of coding itself, I think most of the time the name comes or explains itself, especially to me. With coding, it actually speeds up the process and the scalability of things. For example, now looking at fast forward to 2023, there's Amazon Web Service, AWS, there's Google Cloud and all sorts of different type of like cloud technologies that came about. All of these actually kind of like grew from people that did a lot of programming and coding just because they just wanted to speed up the process. For example, in Amazon, Amazon hasn't been able to come up with a certain set of codes that instead of manually creating accounts for 2000 new employees that you hired last month, there's a set of code that you can actually put in there. All you have to do is get all the employees names listed, feed it to the program or the code that you wrote and then just hit enter. Wow. You could just walk away, come back an hour or two, however long it takes. You are sure that it's always going to be faster than actually sitting down manually creating users. So on that side, we're saving money, we're saving too much longer hours of labor and what have you. Everybody wins at the end of the day. The engineer gets to go home early. The company is actually creating and being efficient and at the end of the day, it's like overall, there's kind of like the efficiency for people to do jobs faster than we used to be. And coding has always been one of the reasons why there's so many technologies that have been innovative. Talk of Tesla, talk of Alexa, all of that technology, you could say the backbone of it was originated from people coding and creating programs.

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