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George E. Higher, Jr.: A Trailblazing Symbol of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in American Intelligence

Did America benefit from the commitment and sacrifice of George E. Higher, Jr and other people of color to our great nation? Absolutely! As some have declared war on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, here is a story you may find insightful and inspirational!


A black man called a "trailblazer" by the CIA? This story and history and accomplishment are compelling not only because of overcoming bias (that black people were not intelligent enough and could not blend in anywhere) and breaking down artificial barriers but also because he did not fail to execute the mission of his country with excellence and commitment to protecting his country despite how his detractors treated him and the way African American were treated during the struggle for civil rights and freedom here in the United States of American.


Now imagine this American patriot was stopped by those without vision of the United States' precarious situation during the Cold War and the need for diverse assets in diverse and dangerous environments; I hate to imagine the quality of our intelligence to win the Cold War. The scary part for me is the recognition that the United States is in a new Cold War with multiple enemies with scores to settle and others competing for the things we enjoy here in the West. And yet, some of us are waging wars against our fellow Americans. I hope the skeptics of colored people will see the benefits and advantages of diversity, equity, and inclusion here. 


When I took Western history in college, as an undergraduate at Grandview University and Iowa State University, I learned that Rome fell from within, not outside force. I am concerned for our great nation and those who do not see the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please don't misunderstand me. I am not suggesting that George ascended the chain of command at the CIA because the CIA showed him preferential treatment. No! And no, they did not, according to his post. But what I am arguing is that George being a person of color was essential for the CIA to address its mission of protecting our nation during difficult times, which requires blending in and utilizing every tool in the CIA's toolkit to protect the country. So, it is valid for the United States at any point in time to commit to diversifying and including all Americans in its workforce and also providing equity for all workers in its agencies and branches of the government and for all organizations to be effective and sustainable! 


Again, I ask. Did America benefit from the commitment and sacrifice of George E. Higher, Jr and other people of color to our great nation? Absolutely! DEI was never to take from one group and give it to another group. But it has always been and should always be about reflecting our American values in serving our nation. Imagine if he and countless Americans were not finally allowed to serve our country. I shudder to think of that reality!


In my view, DEI is a win-win proposition for all Americans. But a real conversation needs to be had about how we can use DEI to reflect our American values instead of using it as a weapon on either side of the political spectrum.


May God continue to bless our great nation, peace, and prosperity for all!


For those who like video posts, here is a link: 




Authored by Ayo Olufade, Ph.D.


Think STEM Careers! You Have the Opportunity to Create the Future and the Privilege of Deciding What’s in It! ~ Dr. Ayo Olufade, PhD


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