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Frank Tran's Approach to Ethics Is Rooted in Buddhism

From episode: Exploring a Recent Graduate's Path: Self-Discovery, Ethics, and Cybersecurity Journey

So two years ago, if I may ask, you were in a different place. If you were to compare then and now, do you think that your majoring in ethics has something to do with your growth? I think it's about the mission that I've learned that I gave to myself as a Buddhist because Buddha had the word that everyone is a Buddha. Okay. Do we discover a Buddha? I think you guys can look it up. It's a really interesting term. And I watched the stories Buddha drew. I could read it. I could sum up. It just, he used to be a prince in a castle and he climbed out the castle to experience and observe, witness all kinds of suffering. And then he shaved a head, bow, wear like a orange or dark, dark, what's the color like that? Orange, like a dark orange. And he sit right below the tree and meditate for days without eating and drinking and he become Buddha. And when he passed away, or no, when he turned into Buddha, his message is that by everyone is Buddha, everyone. I think that's the mission for me to give myself to helping people to find our Buddha is to find ourself. And today it's so stunning. I walk and I see the reflection of my shadow and I realize my shadow always with me all the

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