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Exploring the Nexus Between Scientific Principles and Art & Inspiring the Next Generation of STEAM Innovators via Art and Science of Color Creation

I know, I know, the heading of my article is wordy, and maybe some simple phrases could convey my point about inspiring the next generation's interest in science or STEAM. But this writing and coming up with short and succinct headings for my articles is a work in progress.

I'm captivated by the intersection between the art of combining pigments to create brilliant colors and the science of chemistry. For example, the chemistry of pigments and mixing colors is fascinating in pastel stick making. In the video link below, a pastel stick maker has upheld this tradition for over 300 years, crafting nearly 2000 unique colors with intricate reactions and formulations, resulting in remarkable textures and intensities.

This video also spotlights a women-owned company producing vibrant colors, showcasing the fusion of science and creativity. Their work exemplifies how pastel stick makers or artists could apply their technical skills in chemistry to create stunning artistic products. This intersection demonstrates the technical prowess of chemists and highlights the entrepreneurial opportunities within the field of physical science for the next generation of innovators in the STEAM field.

Integrating the chemistry of pigments into the curriculum can offer students a unique perspective on how scientific principles intersect with art. By exploring this nexus, students can better appreciate both disciplines. They will see how the meticulous process of mixing chemicals and understanding their properties creates beautiful, vibrant colors. This understanding can inspire them to pursue degrees and careers in science, particularly in areas where creativity and technical knowledge combine.

Moreover, we can illustrate physical science's fun and innovative side by showcasing real-world applications of chemistry in art, such as those demonstrated by the women-owned company in the video. This approach can help to demystify the subject and make it more accessible and appealing to students and young children.

Check out the video here, and let me know your thoughts. Here is the Link to the video post.

Dr. Ayo Olufade, Ph.D.

Choose STEAM Careers: Shape the Future, Design Your Destiny! ~ Dr. Ayo Olufade, PhD

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