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Endrow Metelus Uses Graphic Tees to Showcase the Beauty of Inner Cities

From episode: Favela Boys Apparel: Empowering Underserved Communities Through Fashion and STEM

So you mentioned that your graphic tees captures the beauty of the inner city. So how do you design your clothing to convey this message while also supporting STEM initiative or STEM education? So when it comes to showing the beauty of the inner city, to me, what that means is, I guess it's something that has to do with me. It's the vision that I see. Okay. What I deem beauty. Because as I said earlier, if you turn on the 6 o 'clock news, just in general, you look at the history, especially in America, we, especially the black male itself, just black people in general, it's never, we're never seen in a good light. It's always been, even when you say something black, it's never seen. Unless it's a car or something. Or the gala or whatever. It's never seen in a positive way. And the thing is these kids that I want to have, who's going to be the next, I don't know, cybersecurity personnel or whatever in STEM related. I want them to be represented, to see themselves, to see the beauty within themselves, to see the beauty where they stay, where they live. Okay. I want them to tell you, Hey, you're beautiful. And at the same time, give them that confidence. Hey, you can also transition to STEM. That confidence. Hey, I'm beautiful. Right? There's a beauty where I live. It's not what the TV says. Yeah, there's struggle, there's things we can do better, but the people within are beautiful. Right? Have that confidence when it comes to, Hey, you can be a cybersecurity, you can be an engineer. You can be all this because you already have that beauty within you. You won't have no doubts to go ahead and pursue it. So it's all connected is to build that confidence at the same time.

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