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Empowering Young Minds and Embracing Diversity: Igniting the Future of STEM Education

Engaging young people in STEM fields and promoting diversity and excellence is essential for our society's future. During a conversation with a talented young individual, we explore their educational journey, involvement in VEX Robotics, and aspirations for a career in public health and pharmacy. This discussion emphasizes the significance of creating opportunities, overcoming challenges, and fostering a supportive environment for underrepresented communities. It serves as a reminder to policymakers, educators, and parents to invest in STEM education and support young minds in pursuing their passions.

As mentioned previously, InTouch Think STEAM Careers strongly encourages sporting leagues and celebrities in the movie industry to actively sponsor and support STEAM education and careers within the BIPOC community, following the example set by actress Sonequa Martin-Green in supporting STEM education initiatives. Notably, a Hispanic actress initiated her own STEM club in New York last year, although her name escapes me at the moment.

I commend celebrities like Lebron James, Oprah Winfrey, Terrence Howard, and Steph Curry for establishing schools and supporting educational endeavors in our communities. It's important to spread the love, and there may be other celebrities who have made similar contributions.

Let's come together and start a movement with the hashtag #itistimetoinnovate!

For more information, visit InTouch - Think STEAM Careers on YouTube or check out my blog at InTouch Math and Science Tutoring and Educational Services.

Dr. Ayo Olufade, Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching

Think STEM Careers! You Have The Opportunity to Create the Future and the Privilege of Deciding What’s in It! ~ Dr. Ayo Olufade, PhD

Excel in Learning. Excel in Life.

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