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Dr. Olufade Welcomes Mr. Adebayo Alomaja to the Podcast

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

From episode: Shaping the Future of Education in Nigeria through Authentic Learning and Technology Integration

we're going to be talking about shaping the future of education. authentic learning and the role of AI in the classroom. Today I am fortunate and I am blessed to have on this episode, Mr. Adebayo. He's a Nigerian just like I am, but he is also an expert when it comes to technology, research, anything authentic learning, global citizenship, innovation in learning. And the fourth industrial evolution. He's the man, he is the head of research and chief learning designer in EZDG. It is an organization in Nigeria, Africa that is into how we integrate technology into learning space, especially in the K through 12 education. But I will let him speak on that. He's into K through 12 digital transformation and hybrid learning. He's a consultant certified online educator and also a speaker and a futurist. But I'll let him introduce himself. Mr. Adebayo, I have been out of Nigeria for quite a while. Please help me if I pronounce it wrong, please. I hope no hard feelings. Please help our audience with your name and also tell us about you. Please go ahead, sir. Yes. My name is Adebayo Alomaja. Thank you once again, doctor. Thank you for having me on this podcast. I'm excited. Yeah. I think you have said pretty much about me. I am in Nigeria and I'm in Africa and then I lead EZDG. And how we're trying to do is to use research, the power of research, technology and networking to transform education, to bring K to 12 education specifically to a place where as the building block is able to offer the coming generation, the millions of kids we have on the African continent, the capacity to bring the change we want to the African continent. If we think about changing the African continent, all we should keep thinking about is the coming generation. They are the ones that will bring the change. And so that's what we're trying to do. But we're just like that force that is trying to make that happen on the African continent.

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