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Dr. Keith McNally Coaches Me With My Second Book on STEM

From episode: Writing a Book, Looking at Life Through the Principles in STEM. And Coach Keith McNally is Coaching Me!

the overall message of the book, the big picture message? And a couple of lines. The overall message of the book is. Participation in the STEM careers. It's life changing, it's good for, you know, for the health and the economy of our community, right? So is that is good for economical development, right, again, your focus is the BIPOC community, so everything that you talk about has to be for them. They didn't know when they're every word in that book is going to change their life. And that's the message every so that is the message. The message is, you know, career in BIPOC, I mean, career in STEM is life changing. Right. Example is in terms of economy, in terms of health. Right. In terms of a person. So I can elaborate and go on as what I mean by an individual. Right. So it can be really life changing. And that is what I want to see. But again, I have my I know what I want to say may not be as organized and strapped, but I want to be as raw as I can be. So you can help sort of manage, help me manage all this. So so let's take an example. Let's take, for example. You and I know. So how do I put this? I'm able right now, I'm positioned to be able this is just a side story, my children's life will never be the same because I am in STEM. Right. And my perspective is in STEM. Right. My approach is in STEM. The way I look at life is in terms of STEM. And that has a major implication as to success and self -determination and all that and their choice of career. Right. So they are not going to be lacking as to to getting a good job or the process of getting a good job because of me and my wife. Right. Because we're college educated. Right. So that this changed the trajectory of my family forever. Right. And now we know life happens, but things don't always, at least that's the assumption, comparable to someone who has never heard of STEM. Right. So they don't have the opportunity, the foundation or the ability to be able to set their children on that on the path. Not to say that STEM is the answer. I'm just saying, when you think about the starting median salary for someone who has a STEM degree is ninety one thousand dollars. I mean, that's that's not a chicken change. That is more than most teachers get. Starting teachers kind of even teachers that work for 10 years

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