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Connecting to Your African Heritage With Denise Spiller

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

From episode: Exploring African Roots, Collaboration, Balance, & Power of Technology in Denise Spiller's Journey

a black American, I feel like every black American, African -American that has a cultural tie or background to Africa, not everybody does. We'd have to recognize that as well. But if you do, and if you know your heritage draw is directly connected to any country in Africa, it is a beautiful thing that happens standing on a beach. Or in an airport or in a market. It's an unbelievable experience and it changes the perspective of who you are and what you have to give back as a descendant of that. Absolutely. It's time to connect. It's time to connect. And also not only that, just this other idea that you actually can start a business in the commerce between two continents. We imagine America and America has one of the largest population of Africans in that broad. Imagine that knowledge, the know -how. You can start your own business in Africa. There has to be international commerce that is taking place between Africans on the continent and Africans in diaspora. I'm so glad of what you're doing, why you are paying it forward, you're connecting, you're a visionary. Africa is the next emerging economy. We just have to be adventurous to realize the potential. And I really understand to that other perspective of people not, they've had limited experience. Some of it is just being naive and not exposed. And some other part of it is just having the mindset of, listen, I'm just trying to get by. I'm trying to survive. I'm trying to feed my kids. There's that perspective. And I have been there. I've been in that place where I knew it wasn't my end all. But right now, let me focus up because I got to feed my kids. I can't bypass feeding my kids to feed your kids. Like that, that mentality is not a mentality. It's an experience. And when you're in it, yeah, as a family, man, what would happen to you if you literally was not bringing in enough money to feed your children and your wives and your family? You would not look at yourself in the mirror the same way if you were sitting here on a podcast this morning and your kids are hungry. You would not be here, right? It is true. Though some people aren't there. They may never get there. And I accept that and don't press. But the ones who want to get there, they're your audience and they're there. The sky's the limit.

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