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Cloud, Cloud, Cloud: The Most Exciting Development in Computer Science

From episode: Breaking Barriers, Embracing Diversity: The Imperative for Inclusivity in Computer Science

some of the most exciting development in computer science right now and how do you see the field evolving in the future? Cloud, cloud, cloud. Why cloud? Why cloud? It's changing how we save information. It's changing how we will be moving forward with technology. For example, my studio for recording, I was telling you about it, doctor, the other day. I have a cloud studio for YouTube podcasting and everything, right? When I invite you to the podcast, you're recording, I'm recording. This is what's happening. The camera is recording locally on your end. It's recording locally on my end. It has nothing to do with the internet. The only reason why the internet is actually important is to get the calls to connect. Once the calls are connected, once we're talking, it's using your camera to record you locally, hence preventing any breaks in the video, audio problems and all of that. What it's doing is it's using the internet according to the speed that you have to rather record it and upload it. Genius. Genius. That's the work of cloud. That's the work of cloud. I never thought of it that there will be a day that I wouldn't have to worry about recording with Dr. Ayo, for example. And then his line is kind of breaking. I'll see his picture kind of green. I'm like, oh, this is not going to be nice. Yeah. Yeah. Cloud is telling you, hey, don't worry about it. I'm recording it perfectly as quality as his camera is. And I'm just going to take time to upload it, but I will upload it as fast as I can. And once you get it, it's going to be a perfect video and a perfect picture. That's the work of cloud. Looking forward, now I don't have to carry a lot of bulky external hard drive around because all my important information is in the cloud. And trust me, does this cloud vault that AW has, it has a 64 bit. It's not that easy to crack that. As opposed to you having a physical hard drive, you get on the train, you get on the bus, you're going home from work. You left it on the seat. Someone takes it, plugs the USB in, voila, they got access to it. Cloud will not do you like that. Once it's in there, you have to lock, it's called the vault. Once you have it in there, you're going to be, have to be the person to unlock

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