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Author Denise Spiller Made a Lifelong Dream Come True

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

From episode: Exploring African Roots, Collaboration, Balance, & Power of Technology in Denise Spiller's Journey

afternoon, I am honored and I have the privilege to be talking with Denise Spiller. Denise Spiller is an author. She is a digital writer and also she is a founder of creative of writing and technology in Africa. Denise, welcome to In Touch Think Career podcast. How have you been? I'm wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Ayo, for that lovely introduction. And thank you for welcoming me to your show. I'm really honored to be here. Excellent. Denise, do you mind to take a moment to tell us about yourself, please? Sure. I have always been a writer and I authored a book at a young age. I published a small newsletter at a young age as a teenager. It was a way that I processed my stress when I was young and I didn't even know it at the time. So that whole thing about writing being therapeutic, that's my entire life. And then I went into a stressful career in law enforcement and I continued to write. And I wrote everything out. And when I left law enforcement, I wrote a book called Relentless Life, Just Keep Going. Because there's so many ways along the way that we as human beings, we get discouraged. It just is part of life. And so I wanted to encourage people that no matter what, keep going, right? Mostly it's about creativity. Mostly it's about your creativity. Keep going with that. Keep going, chasing your dreams. And that led me to being a digital publisher. And when I left the job, I had left in September and in December I woke up in Africa. It was a lifelong dream and I made it happen.

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