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Are Our Students of Color and Girls in Secondary Schools Aware of Job Opportunities in STEM Fields?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Recently, I went online and searched for STEM jobs for my students. Guess what I found! I found some STEM-related jobs! Please see below. However, hundreds of career paths are available in science, technology, engineering, and math. Here are 21 few examples of 21 STEM Jobs That Are In Demand |

I recognize that choosing a career path is becoming more complex due to innovations and technological advances. However, one-way TEACHERS, PARENTS, and our COMMUNITY can help our children of color and girls pursue college degrees and careers in the STEM fields is by bringing awareness to STEM JOBS. Teachers could periodically link their lessons to various career paths in their respective fields and help students overcome the fear of not having the aptitude to succeed in the STEM fields through encouragement when applying their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the classroom. How the students perceive the reaction of the people (they see as a role models) impacts their confidence and their desire to envision themselves in the STEM fields when they struggle in mathematics, science, engineering, technology, and other subject areas. Put yourself in their shoes, starting a new job. We all struggle when learning new skills with a new job (maybe not all of us - some of us are just genius). Lol.

Parents need to be aware of their children's strengths and weaknesses. Because parents are aware of their children's strengths and weaknesses in most cases and are their children's first role models, they could play a significant role in their children's career selection. The parent can help their children navigate upcoming terrain (upcoming new careers and future job prospects) by providing them with information about different career options in STEM fields based on their children's skills. This call for more collaboration between parents and teachers (currently, there is an adversarial relationship between the two groups). This could be due to the pandemic. We all need to take the chill pill (by the way, is there something like a chill pill?!).

1. Technical writer

2. Accountant

3. Computer programmer

4. Chemist

5. Financial analyst

6. Web developer

7. Biologist

8. Environmental engineer

9. Systems analyst

10. Civil engineer

11. Mechanical engineer

12. Statistician

13. Psychologist

14. Database engineer

15. Database administrator

16. Mathematician

17. Economist

18. Physician assistant

19. Actuary

20. Data scientist

21. Dentist

Think STEM careers! At least, with a career in a STEM field, You could create a future and the privilege of deciding what’s in it! ~ Dr. Ayo Olufade, PhD

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