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Alex Reader, Founder of STIIX, Shares His Inspiration for STEM Accessibility

From episode: Transforming STEM Education with Hands-On Experiences, Engineering Resources, and Diversity in Focus

What is the inspiration behind Styx and how do you envision impacting students and school district through a hands -on educational experience? Yeah, you actually do want me to answer you where I was years ago because that's where the next question takes us back to, frankly. It's quick. In high school, it's time to decide where you want to go to college, what you want to major in. So I did engineering and I knew that with an engineering degree in hand, mechanical, by the way, you could do whatever you like. You can graduate and go do whatever you like. So that's what I did. And I thought during the course of my coursework, I would figure out in internships, figure out what I wanted to do after college. So made it through engineering school, had the degree in hand and had some cool internships. But I actually still didn't know exactly where my passions align with what I was good at. So I graduated and it wasn't even just me, I looked around and had conversations with friends who were in similar boats, not for lack of opportunities. The job fairs at school were great, had offers, but it was just a matter of I don't know if I really see myself in that role. So long story short, I wanted to create an organization and a company that helps kids from a young age get exposed to these different careers in a fun, hands -on way. And really just give them opportunities to resonate with careers from that young age. They don't have to graduate college with a degree in hand and not know what they want to do. Because frankly, if you're at an advantage in life, right, you can identify companies from an early age that you would want to work for, start networking with them. And it's something you're passionate about and good at. That's what separates a lot of people from others. So that's the origin story of Styx is wanted to get on top of being passionate about getting kids off screens a little bit, being creative. I did want to introduce them to give them the opportunity to introduce them to careers from a really young

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