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Addressing Concerns of AI "Cheating" With Adebayo Alomaja

From episode: Transforming STEAM Education: Embracing Authentic Learning and AI for a Brighter Future

The teachers are also concerned that the AI could lead to cheating in terms of student cheating, not doing the work, being lazy and all that. What is your perspective on this concern? Yeah. So I think that the word cheating can only be used in the context of the traditional. For example, if I think about how professionals are using AI today, right? For example, how I am using AI today, I wanted to write a proposal and then I just entered the prompt. I told this AI to the kind of proposal I want. And so I just entered it. And within a second, it gave me a set of slides, right? It gave me a set of slides. That would have taken me a lot of hours to put that presentation together. But just because I just entered the right prompt, in less than a minute, I was able to get the slides that I will use for a presentation. And the content was beautiful and so great. I'm leading there to just add a few things, all right? So that eased my life, right? You wouldn't say I'm cheating for doing that. I wasn't cheating. I wasn't cheating. This is about my productivity being increased. This is about my mental health and wellbeing. This is about allowing me to focus on high level. So I think that right now, what AI has done to us is that AI has redefined high level and low level tasks. There were some things that before its emergence, right? Actually generative AI, some things we saw as high level. Right now, they are now low level. Now there's a new caliber of tasks that we call high level now. So AI has brought about that shift. So I think that cheating will not be in the equation if we are looking at higher order thinking. Cheating will not be in the equation. Because if the learning experience is skill based, like I always say that there can be exams in my practice, but there can be skills in my practice, right? Because skills have to be shown. You have to show it. Critical thinking cannot be copied. You have to show it. You have to show it. Collaboration cannot be copied. You have to show it. Innovation cannot be copied. You have to show it. Which is why I was saying that if the experience is still traditional, we still keep talking about cheating. But the moment we move away from the traditional, we won't see cheating again because we will not be dealing with skills. We'll be dealing with skills. We'll be dealing with competencies. That's what we'll be dealing with. And the question will not be about how to measure those

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